Christopher was beautiful. And he knew it. The way he looked at you was as seductive as the sun's warm rays on your naked skin. Of course most people can't help it if they are naturally sexy. Chris knew that he was gorgeous. He imagined beautiful young girls writhing on their virgin beds during steamy masturbation sessions. His stunning body pulsated in their minds. Chris knew how to take advantage of your pitiful human senses.

    The first thing that lured me to him were his magical eyes. Eyes so blue they were like the color of a cloudless sky after the sunrise melts into the horizon. The deep blue of a flame near the match head that radiantly dances in the gentle breeze. The beautiful blue of the South Pacific that matches the sky so perfectly that it is impossible to see a horizon line. Like the sparkling center of giant hot spring. It was as if the ocean had touched his eyes and transformed them into a powerful color so radiantly blue. His miraculous eyes would burn into the minds of all who say them and were enough to leave a confused young boy with an embarrassing bulge in his pants. You could always tell when he was looking at you, even when he wasn't sensed in any other way. It was like his mineral colored eyes melted away all material sense. To appreciate Christopher, you had to feel his eyes.

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    Finally I endulged in the riches he provided; I made contact with his beckoning features. By some strange twist of fate, Chris melted me into his arms. The first time he kissed me I felt closer to heaven than the clouds. His soft lips were like chocolate, melting over my body. Like his eyes, you had to feel everything about Chris before you could appreciate or understand. I remember feeling as though I was being held by an angel from God when he wrapped his securing arms around me. He pulled me from the fridged waters of lonely self pleasure and amazement and engulfed me in his magnificent world or erotic warmth. Between our gasps for air and tongue entanglements, his sweet, melodic voice provided a flow of tinkling bells that soothed my muscles and cleansed my skin. His smooth thighs pressed against my domain. He twisted his persuading appendages around my overcome body and found me gasping for sweet air. Christopher's passion could envigorate the defeated, provide happiness to those in despair, and revive strands of life from history.

    The reality of our passion remains in an unconscious chamber of my mind. For us, no sex was involved. Instead we bathed in pure, sensual engagement. The reality of the passion he provided for me was something that few will experience, even in their wildest dreams. Never before nor ever again did I feel the oneness that Chris and I epitomized.

    I never heard from Chris after our short months together and we went our distant ways. Unlike the rest of my life, I assume it was more appropriate for him to remain in my bizarre world of fantasy and dream; for there, he will not be harmed by my analysis. Apart we were helpless. Together we were greater than the universe. We created more energy and force than a thousand suns. Together we dominated the moon and stars as our bodies merged into a wild dance.

    I still feel his eyes watching my every move. Witnessing the glory he entrusted in me. I treasure his companionship; his brilliant eyes.

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